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Uses of Annatto

Annatto has a lot of health benefits. It is obtained from the achiote tree. Some of the common health benefits include promoting healthy digestion, healing, strengthening bones, boost eyesight, eliminating headaches and reducing nausea. Because of these benefits, they are used for a lot of purposes. The important ones are using it for cooking purposes.  There are many other uses too. Here is a list of the common usage of annatto or achiote paste.

Cosmetic products

Annatto is used by a lot of beauty and skincare industries. They use it in cosmetics and many personal care products in order to impart color and also because of its antimicrobial properties. Annatto is extracted from the seeds of the achiote fruit. The flowers of achiote tree are generally white or bright pink, and the fruit is of spiky brown and red pods which generally grow in clusters. During the drying and cracking of the pods, the red colored seeds are exposed. From these seeds, red pigment is extracted which is used in lipsticks. That is why the achiote tree is also known as the lipstick tree. It is also known as achiote, bijja, color, onto, or urucum in different regions.

usage of annatto

Condiment and dye

Annato is a natural food coloring and condiment. They are generally made into powdered form or paste and are used in various cuisines to impart color, flavor and aroma. They are also used as a condiment in various parts of the world. It has a smell which is a little floral and nutty. Its also has a mild pepper taste. They are used mostly in the Central and South American countries. The people of the Carribean and Central America, annatto is used for treating everything from a simple cut to life-threatening diseases. It is because of this that it is known as “superfood”. They are also used as seasonings for marinating meat.


There is a lot of benefits of annatto and thus, they have a lot of different uses.


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