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A Flavorful Moroccan Style Curry Recipe

Spices are always present when speaking about recipes. Of course, a recipe will never be complete without spices. How can a recipe tastes good and tasty without flavor? You can start to prepare ras el hanout to your curry recipe or mixed on rice. This is a spice for those who love Moroccan style curry. This spice is a kind of curry that creates a flavorful taste. It has zero cholesterol and no fats. So, once you are a vegan, this is a perfect spice. Chefs and cooks claimed that this spice is one of the best among the others.

prepare ras el hanout

The benefits that you can get

There are other vitamins that can be found in this spice. It includes thiamin and niacin from the cardamon and Vitamin A from cinnamon. Plus, the abundance of dietary fiber it contains. The spice king is here now. It would surely make all your recipes to have a unique blend of spices. This Moroccan spice blend contains various ingredients ranging from rose petals to Spanish fly. The name of the spice is originated from the Arabic term. It denotes as “the best spices”. Historically, North America once become a major hub between Europe and Asia for the spice trade. This leads to a lot of Moroccans adopt a various set of spices in their cuisine. When it comes to its flavor, it has great health benefits depending on the spices used. A great thing that this spice contains health-boosting compounds such as:

  • Dietary fiber. The coriander contains plenty of dietary fiber. You are able to get almost 24 grams of fiber out of 100 grams of coriander seeds.
  • Essential oils. This is one of the benefits of this spice as it has a high level of essential oils beneficial for the human body.
  • Minerals. Both mace and nutmeg might be included. The nutmeg seed offers different nutrients.
  • Vitamins. The spice contains coriander which is a great source of Vit. C. Plus, niacin and thiamin.

The nutrients from this spice can be beneficial to treat and prevent various health problems such as:

  • Constipation
  • Digestion
  • High-cholesterol

The flavor profile

This spice is one of the traditional spice blends with ingredients varying from spice merchants and cooks. Meaning, there are different blends that have different flavor profiles. In some other cases, the pungent flavor from spices cloves and cinnamon mix creates a sweet accent. It can also be spicy with no need of being hot. It can also have a strong floral note that depends on the ingredients.


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