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Why eat breakfast at Lazy Daisy’s Cafe in Toronto?

Whether you’re looking for subs, coffees, or any sandwich, you’ll be able to find the best Toronto breakfast restaurants offering an overwhelming number of sandwich selections all across the city. Whenever we look for the best options available in the area for breakfast, we can definitely end up having numerous options. This can easily make you get confused among a few great options as well. So, you need to make sure that you compare them and then visit the best ones. We all know that there are many locations to eat brunch in Toronto, but this post will focus on one of the greatest. One of the best restaurants or cafes in Toronto to have your breakfast is Lazy Daisy’s Cafe. Well, here we will be discussing a few reasons why you should eat at this cafe.

Reasons to choose them

You’ll be able to find a brunch in Toronto with an incredible number of sandwich options, whether you’re looking for bodega-style hoagies, subs, fried chicken sammies, or any other form of sandwich. Egg sandwiches are one item that is quietly but steadily gaining popularity. The simple preparation of an egg sandwich has charm to it. You can safely declare that you are living the good life as long as your eggs are perfectly cooked and your bread is encasing the necessary toppings and condiments for your sandwich. The cuisine concept (as well as the interior design concept) is warm and inviting, and it can be linked back to Dawn’s youth on a farm with her maternal grandparents. Many of the items were actually prepared in Dawn’s grandmother’s kitchen (we all know that grandmothers are superior to any other human). Lazy Daisy’s is established on four pillars: giving back to the community by patronising local businesses, sourcing items directly from local farmers, making everything from scratch, and offering nutritious meals to their consumers. Given that they have been in business for eleven years, this business plan is successful. Buttermilk Biscuits, maybe their most well-known product, are designed to be shared and savoured with the pleasure of high-quality ingredients. For example, know that the Mennonite bacon in your biscuit breakfast sandwich is hormone and medication free. Frozen biscuits can be purchased and picked up in a box from some of their local wholesale partners, including City Cottage Market and Fresh from the Farm.


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