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Things You Should Look For When Planning To Buy A Condo Unit – READ HERE!

            Location, in real estate, may be the most overused term. While it is true that location is an essential factor which drives the value of a property, other factors are also at play. Many things must be taken into account for most Filipino buyers looking for a property to call their home — and the location is just one of those. It makes penrose condo an affordable luxury, medium-rise residential condo estate and a perfect choice for discerning homebuyers looking in their home for those qualities. Here’s the reason/s why.

  • Building Quality: Quality in real estate is paramount, particularly when a purchaser is looking for a property to be used as a primary home. It will be the place where a family can settle. It’s vital that the house is secure, well-built, and satisfies all a family’s needs.
  • Developer’s Track Record: The reputation of real estate developers says a lot about the quality of the condo project, especially pre-selling ones. Known developers — especially those who are publicly listed and have been in the industry for many years — have a reputation for security, and will, therefore, provide high-quality condos to meet the needs and demands of their customers. Look at their respective track record to see if a developer is a good one. Does it have a lot of quality programs, complete? Are residents of their condos happy with the units that they purchased? Were well run condos? Such considerations will tell a potential buyer all about the property they are buying.
  • A good range of amenities: properties with well-thought-out facilities are highly attractive to homebuyers today. For example, amenities such as meeting rooms, fitness centres, pocket gardens, swimming pools, and playgrounds for children, as well as adequate retail and commercial areas, will make a productive condo project. It’s better if all those are found within the condo estate’s limits, ensuring residents don’t need to go far to shop and relax.

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  • Enough Living Space: There is nothing better than coming home in a spacious and well-designed house. Such types of apartments or condo units are, however, something that is difficult to get across in Metro Manila. This is why it’s such a relief that some developers are concentrating on offering spacious condos for their customers. Furthermore, the clever and sustainable nature of common areas in the apartment, such as natural lighting and floating bridges, avoids the feeling of a crowded, cramped urban space and creates a pleasant atmosphere for its residents.
  • A Flood-free Location: Choosing a flood-free location is a pressing concern for any resident, particularly when monsoon flooding becomes a yearly occurrence in the metropolis. Yet fortunately, there is a range of real estate developments and developers that take this issue into account.
  • Reasonable and excellent resale value: It entails an inherent risk because a home buyer is a long-term purchase. Any investment risk can, however, be mitigated. Even the property needs to be carefully chosen, and other vital considerations are taken into account before buying.


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