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What makes ilio mavlyanov’s new mansion project different from others?

Although it may seem like an ordinary address that might be found in any town in any state in any part of the United States, that is not the case in this specific situation. This property is unique in many ways. First, it is located in the 90210 zip code, which is just a short distance from the well-known Mulholland Drive. Jasper Venture Group, whose CEO is Ilio Mavlyanov and whose headquarters are in New York, made the decision many years ago to expand its portfolio. The company quickly discovered that it was perfectly at home on the west side, where it is going to develop a brand new luxury home that is discreetly nestled into the hills and overlooks the City of Angels.

Stunningly beautiful mansion with a blend of luxury

ilio mavlyanov

The three-story mega-mansion was built under the guidance of CEO Ilio Mavlyanov. With its stunningly beautiful wing-like exterior architects can be found inside one of the city’s most exclusive gated communities and may be easily discovered when winding through the hills.

The home features breathtakingly beautiful exterior architecture that was designed by a world-renowned architect. The most breathtaking views in Los Angeles can be seen from the West Sf Bay Area all the way to Santa Monica as well as the Pacific Ocean via floor-to-ceiling glass windows that stretch the length of the building. The proprietors of this opulent mansion essentially take advantage of the expansive vistas that extend beyond the basin of Los Angeles and beyond what the human eye can perceive.

The project, which is around 15,000 square feet in size, had its architecture handled by Jay Vanos of Vanos Architects. He took on the challenge of developing a contemporary construction that was architecturally sound and unique.


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