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Augmented reality and marketing

The augmented technology is a latest technology that came in to market by the year 2017. This technology can be used to bring modification in the real time environment. It can be done with the addition of visual effects, sounds or any other effects to the real environment. And obviously this can help in making the marketing more effective than they sound to be. In real time, this technology is widely used by many leading companies all over the world and recently Torossian have also registered his statement regarding this technology and their influence in the world of business and marketing. The following discussion will also help in understanding better about it.

Marketing tool

According to the statement released by 5WPR founder it is stated that the augmented technology is being used as a best marketing tool in current trend. There are various businesses that have also started using this tool in various parts of marketing. The other interesting thing that is to be noted is the influence of this technology over the business growth has also delivered the best real time result. And this is the main reason for why their popularity is highly increasing in the day to day market.

Ronn Torossian

Sales and service

Even though this technology tends to have various benefits, their influence over the sales and service is considered to be higher than they sound to be. According to the statement released by amazon it is stated that this technology tend to help in selling the furniture and décor to a greater extent. When the customers visualize a product through this technology they find it to be more impressive than they sound to be. It is also added that it helps in creating a better impact over the products and this tend to increase the overall sales rate to a greater extent.

Breaking language barrier

While considering marketing in current trend, language is being a great barrier for the business growth. In order to get rid of these hassles, the businesses have started using augmented reality in to their marketing. Recently Ronn Torossian have also stated about this technology and its influence in the business development. The people who are not aware of the benefits of this technology can make note of their announcement in online in order to understand them in better. This discussion will let them to know about the ways of using this technology in real time for business development.


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