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Get To Know More About The Award-Winning Media Publisher

A few years ago, many new media startups locked the door in the publishing sector. Instead of publishing content on their websites, collective publishers generated brief, quick content. The content created is distributed on social media to maximize views and income. TheSoul Publishing is one such company that develops and produces fun, innovative, and inspirational content for a wider audience across different channels. It creates original content making it a unique exception among collective publishers who depend on custom content. Take a quick look to know more about this famous digital company.

TheSoul Publishing – The Well-Known Media Publisher

 TheSoul is a digital studio that creates compelling content in various languages for a large number of audiences of all age groups. The content is shared on their website and different social media platforms including Facebook, YouTube, etc. The company uploads multiple videos every month ranging from daily life techniques to memory riddles, beauty instructions, and crafts. It stands out from other media companies as it believes in balancing privacy rights and personalization. While the advertising technology income supports the company to provide users with attractive content. TheSoul Publishing has made it a priority to promote transparency, privacy, and personalization.

TheSoul Publishing

TheSoul Publishing – What Are The Different Channels Supported By The Media Publisher

 5-Minute Crafts: 5-minute crafts is the famous personal digital brand known for its optimistic, funny crafts all over the world. The channel’s videos inspire and light the creative sparks within people. 5-minute crafts surpassed a milestone of millions of followers on Facebook. The channel will be available in 19 languages on YouTube with billions of views.

  • Bright Side: Bright side’s memory content is as rich as its audience. It features fascinating videos that highlight travel and exploration, riddles, technology, etc. The channel has millions of followers on both YouTube and Facebook together.

Avocado Couple and Teen-z: Ava and Cado are famous animated pairs who share a lot of fun with their audience. Their emotional travels are odd at times, sizzling, and always amusing. Teen-z tells stories of students about their love, friends, and their awkward situations using imaginative animation.


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