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Get to Know Miami Real Estate Developer

Professor had a global reach

Marc heard that a tunnel was planned to build a new freight truck. Although he did not know that rumors about the construction of the tunnel and the construction of a new government facility would be fulfilled, he took advantage of the situation. This was also before he knew about the train station – it was not even a thought at the time. Roberts continued to cover the world from ’03 to ’08, buying under the radar. At the end of 2008, he still had $ 100 million invested in an agreement between him and Arthur Falcone. Then an unimaginable blow and they had to rearrange everything; a financial tsunami that occurred once in a lifetime flooded Miami.

After the Joint Establishment of the Marc Roberts Miami National Center, Marc set his sights on every neighbor (now known as the Miami Innovation District). The Roberts family and the Simkins family now own the Miami Innovation District.

Marc Roberts, Miami Worldcenter

Today, no one wants to rent a condo for 50- to 80-year-olds when they can rent a brand new place in Downtown Miami. Most of the older buildings no longer have a very good view. Ignore doorman safety, roof pools, and access to hundreds of activities, including AA Arena events, a 38-hectare park, the Adrienne Arscht Center for the Performing Arts, Marc Roberts Miami, the Frost Science Museum, and shops and restaurants within walking distance. . . You get it.

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Marc Roberts real estate

Currently, Marc and his colleagues have four building corners near the Miami Worldcenter, covering the first $ 2.5 billion phase. The building is surrounded by other major projects, including the $ 830 million Signature Bridge and a 55-hectare joint park. and the new Brightline railway station that completes the first phase of $ 3 billion with service between Miami, Fort Lauderdale, West Palm Beach, and finally extends to Tampa and Orlando. Overtown is slowly being renovated, and the One Thousand Museum is building condos that sell for $ 5MM to $ 30MM. In a small part of Marc’s land, there are 8 to 10 billion developments taking place, with thousands of new apartments from the highway.

In 2008, Marc suffered the most, and he won again. After the economic tsunami in 2008, everything Marc photographed came to life. Looking back, ’08 was their chance to acquire land for a small fee even though at first it brought great losses and caused great reorganization and delays. Marc Roberts Miami and his colleagues did not give up, and they moved forward together, from 2012 to 2017, relying on their ingenuity to recoup their investment.


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