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Alexei Orlov: Professional Trajectory And Achievement

Alexei Orlov is known as the founder and CEO of globally-renowned MTM Choice Worldwide, a Boutique Holding Group. Alexei Orlov preferred to build and start running MTM in 2017. He had served in the global marketing and worldwide business management companies for more than 20 years before walking out on his own. The MTM Choice has efficient international offices in Shanghai, Milan, and London, several offices in Los Angeles and New York in the US.

Leading agencies

His four leading agencies including, Local Projects, Sub Rosa, Camron PR, and NOM, look after MTM Choice assistance over 120 clients crosswise the globe utilising its exclusive technology. In 2018, MTM Choice Worldwide successfully raised $30 million after two additions and endeavouring more acquisitions.

Alexei Orlov designed each firm to expertise in relevant social and cultural, public intelligence, content creation, and experience creative strategies, media deployment. In addition, Orlov is considered an expert in international brand tactics, operational transformation authority, and marketing deployment. Orlov has managed to receive tremendous accomplishments in global marketing.

Carrer and work

Alexie Orlov was a top-level consultant to the CEO and Chairman of DAS, an international division of Omnicom Group, before starting his MTV Choice Worldwide. He also worked as the Global Chief Executive Officer of RAPP.

The Most Experienced Service To Companies

Orlov also designed brand and marketing positioning for each Volkswagen Brands briefcase across Greater China and ASEAN. He was also collectively accountable for the commercial success of Volkswagen’s notable geographical business Orlov was serving as a member of the company’s centre executive team.

Alexei immensely believes in allowing and nurturing qualified talent that owns the ability to shine in the best circumstances possible. He further states that the potential to take part in any profit plan is the most productive way to accelerate the talent you aspire. Smart and Potential people needed to get engaged besides their work. Alexei Orlov always believed that intriguing talent and enabling them to engage in the thinking and planning of the broader enterprise is something more than only democracy in practice, especially if they strive to bring valuable and unique viewpoints to the table.

Alexei Orlov has fastened together with an impressive professional life of progress and success spanning many decades and over many continents. The MTV Choice Worldwide advances on a path of innovative triumph. Moreover, it will be exciting to view how Orlov’s industry will turn the brand management and marketing sceneries in the years to come.


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