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Ted Farnsworth, A True Inspiration For Learning Business

One summer earning more than $7000 and then thought that he would not do work anymore and haven’t since. He then moved to Florida, where he bought parking lots. He took the money earned from that business and used in other business along the way. He has a desire to build the companies started when he was years old. His parents had their restaurant in upstate New York, and when they close the restaurant, he will do his chicken wing business. He was born in New York, N.Y. Both the parents were college professors. He earned a degree in psychology from Princeton. Ted Farnsworth was born on 30th July 1962.

About his journey of business

The largest of all the businesses was the call centre business from the commercial response from the TV. His life journey of investment started, and he started investing in the companies from his early 20s. Then he realized that it would be better to invest in his own companies. RedZone was very successful and which helped them to deal with Matheson and Helios. He is a businessman, investor, film producer. In his 35 years of career, he has made many developed and successful companies. He is considered one of the experts in strategic development.

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About All the Qualities and Achievements

  • He liked the business, which he could build from the ground level to up.
  • He thought that disruption is impossible without innovation, and he always looks at different ways to innovate the sectors.
  • Ted Farnsworth is the co-founder of Zash Global Media and entertainment, and he is a former chairman of MoviePass.
  • He is the co-founder of Zash, a network of collection companies that combines industry expertise and breakthrough engagement technology to provide unforeseen access.
  • He has also begun the company Movie Pass Films and has been an executive producer of films. The films which he produces are Gotti starring John Travolta and many more. He is even working on three feature films, such as World War II, from his company Fortress entertainment group with the partnership of Damascus Road Productions.
  • Ted’s one of the best achievements was creating a groundbreaking subscription model that has made a significant change in the movie industry, and it became very fast became the growing subscription service in history. It jumped to one million subscribers in the first three months.

Winding Up

He has been interviewed in several major networks like The New York Times, CNN, Fortune Forbes, etc. In the year 2017, Ted had become the CEO of Helios and Matheson after he took over his company, Zone technologies. His journey is very inspirational, and one can learn from his journey.


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