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Wardak: The Valen Of Wicked Founder

The life story of Wardak is very much remarkable. He has a very kind heart and a helping hand. Hamed Wardak has a multitude of talents used to help people in need. His talents used as an inspiration to help children, rescue refugees, and the needy. He had created his life journey by giving sympathy to the needy. Hamed graduated his college with an academic honor as valedictorian. He is a young man with a kind heart to help people that need help. The money used for helping the needy does not come from his wealth but his talents. Wardak never stops helping people who are much in pain that made him decide to venture music. The love of music also made him decide to create a new-challenging venture.

love of music

The love of music

Hamed loved the music that made him decide the creation of Valen of Wicked. It is a new-found techno music production. What made him decide to create such a music venture?  Hamed tells everyone why he comes up with the character with an amazing answer. Believe it or not, but he decided such a music producing career because he was influenced by his past. He was inspired by the history of his past that made him engaged in the music production career. The historical moments he had experienced with great emotions and events that had happened were used to inspire him to land the music venture.

The purpose of his music venture

There is a certain purpose behind Hamed’s music venture. The purpose of his music career focused on many purposes. Wardak is inspired by his life’s historical moments that made him share with the world in the form of music. He is trying and succeeding in creating an interesting and exciting sound. In that way, it grabs and holds the heart of the people by listening to the music which can be moved them. Hamed is very creative in making a new flavor of music. The sounds he made were taken from other cultures and creatively incorporated into his style of techno music. So, he becomes successful in this field using his creative mind with the love of music as well. He believes that music is not just a sound. Music is a powerful way to communicate the world. He combines different sounds coming from various cultures to bring a distinct set of experiences in the ears. Personalized music can be harmonizing with the listeners.


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