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FasciaBlaster-From the chilling moment of death to self-cure

Ashley Black, the founder of self-massaging device FasciaBlaster has grown up along the way to her great success. Her childhood was nothing normal owing to her disease known as Juvenile Rheumatoid Arthritis (JRA) which is clinically referred to as Juvenile Idiopathic Arthritis (JIA) by doctors. But she never let her disability take control over life. She maintained her positive spirit, maintained a very tight healthy diet, stretching and lots of exercises to finally emerge as a gymnast in her teenage. This was an achievement that even shocked her doctors.

Drastic turn from death towards fitness

Ashley continued to thrive in the world of fitness until her life took a drastic turn. During a session of hip aspiration in a hospital, the needle accidentally induced flesh-eating harmful bacteria into her bone marrow system which could have proved to be fatal. However, the spirit of fighting rekindled in her and she traveled to India to learn the art of self-healing. She devoted her life to studying the medical possibilities of our body, developing and researching. She studied about a rarely known body system called fascia. She invented the FasciaBlaster, a miraculous self-massaging tool that is used in alignment with the body’s meridians, abilities and facilities give an amazing result. She created an amazing self-use massaging tool that can potentially change a life. FasciaBlaster took some considerable amount of time to be released into the market. Advertising among the common crowd was the challenge. Finally, through Facebook advertisement, she could finally take her product to the market of common people and thereafter emerged as a great success.

The global position of FasciaBlaster

Ashley Black wants to dig deeper into the system of fascia and develop further so as to inspire other Fasciologists. She wants to produce eye-opening documentaries to teach the oblivious audience about the fascia system and the phenomenal art of self-care.


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