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Understanding Joint Pain Management The Easy Way

If you have arthritis, then you know that you have to deal with joint pain. However, it will come to a point that you will wonder why joint pain hurts so much! These are moments when it seems like nothing can alleviate the pain, even an ice pack or a dose of analgesics cannot solve your pain problem.

Why Do We feel Joint Pain?

Even though pain is an unpleasant feeling, we should never take it for granted. This is how the body signals you that there is something wrong. Usually, it can be due to an injury, but there are times when what is wrong is that the body is misfiring these pain signals. So what really happens?

If you have arthritis, the tissues that are damaged will release chemicals that will send an alert to your sensory nerves. These nerves will carry the message to your spinal cord, then to your brain. The brain will then process the message and will send the signal to the motor nerves for them to take action.

Tips In Managing Pain

Aside from removing where the injury started, it is important that you know how to manage pain. One of the most go-to solutions is taking painkillers. Sometimes, the source of chronic pain is not apparent. Living with pain is frustrating and emotionally draining. It can affect your daily life and even render you hopeless. Even though pain is not usually curable, there are ways to develop working pain management that can help bring relief.

  • Lose Weight. This is the number one factor that you should take a look at when you are experiencing joint pain. Remember that weight can have a huge impact on the pain that you experience, especially from arthritis. So to help reduce the stress on the joints, lose weight. This can improve your mobility, alleviate pain, and also prevent future joint damage.
  • Regular Exercise. Weight loss is just one of the benefits that you get from exercising regularly. If you move, this can help maintain the flexibility of your joints. Running and walking which are weight-bearing exercises can be damaging. What you can do instead is to try low-impact exercises like water aerobics and swimming. This can help flex your joints.
  • fasciablasterTry Fascia Blasting. This modern method of fascial manipulation is known not only to reduce cellulite and help with weight loss, but also to alleviate muscle and joint pains. This method is by using a hard plastic tool also known as the fasciablaster. It is used to massage on specific parts of your body where you feel pain.
  • The Wonders of Turmeric. This yellow spice is very popular in Indian cuisine. Turmeric has curcumin, a natural chemical that helps reduce arthritis pain. Turmeric contains anti-inflammatory properties which are why if you can, add it to your dishes.

Managing joint pain is not that complicated. You do not always have to settle for pain medications when you can find relief from other methods. So what are you waiting for? If you have been living with joint pain, then it is time to make a change. Follow the tips mentioned above for better results.


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