Early life

Hamed Wardak spent his life using his various talents to help the refugees. As well as the children and all those in need of a helping hand. He graduated in 1997 as a class valedictorian with a BA in Government and Political Theory. He became a Rhodes Scholar in 1997. Only 32 students earn this honor each year.

He became successful in the business world after graduation. He worked in the mergers and acquisitions division of Merrill Lynch. Technologists, Inc. sought after him due to his impressive reputation with Merrill Lynch. It is a high-profile construction company. It handles clients in both government and private sectors. Hamed Wardak took on the role of Managing Director of Internal Relations. He ventured into business himself and created Ludas Athletics.

Valen of Wicked

There is one possible thing that could be more important than his business ventures. That is his newfound music producing career. He creates and produces his very own brand of techno music. He uses the name Valen of Wicked for this. He said that the name means everything that you want it to mean. He uses the word Wicked to represent a lot of ideas. He said that it does not always mean evil. Wicked represents everything. Both the good and hard parts of his life. It also relates to the style of techno music he creates and gives to the world. The word Valen means valiance and honor. Those two words together represent two very different aspects of his life. But different as they may be, they are always present in his life. There is an honor one should show to be a decent person. And there is an innate wickedness that is inherent in us. He chooses to face this wickedness. He then channels those experiences into the music he creates.

Hamed Wardak

The purpose behind the music

Hamed Wardak’s music serves a lot of purposes. He tries and succeeds in creating an exciting and provocative sound. It grabs and holds people in place as they listen. The music moves them to their own set of emotions. Hamed’s music is a new take on his own flavor of electronic music. He gets the sounds of other cultures. He then fuses them into his style of techno music.  He believes that music is a powerful way of communication. He hopes to bring various sets of experiences to his audience. He does this by combining the sounds of different cultures. He personalizes the music for every person listening. It also offers representation to different people that may not receive it.

He uses his music to help people on a much deeper emotional level. Music is a powerful tool for self-healing. It offers to cleanse in times of sadness and joy in moments of pain. As well as calm in periods of stress. And understanding during years of convolution and heartache. A lot of people connect to music on a spiritual level. Some believe it is necessary for life. Electronic music represents a lot of kinds of expression. These allow Hamed Wardak to create music that serves countless of spiritual purposes.


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