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Simple Ways to Relieve Your Stress

Your job and other life events contribute to stress and can affect your entire well-being. Sometimes, you ask yourself what are the effective things you can do to relieve your stress in your body and mind. Because you know dealing with it is already a part of your life. So here are some simple ways to help you relieve your stress:


Meditation is mentally, physically and emotionally beneficial. They say it’s a vitamin for your brain as it helps regulate mood and even anxiety. It makes you more resilient to stress.

Whenever you feel pressured and tired after a long day, try to focus on deep breathing and learn to practice meditation exercises. This could help your brain release negativity. Meditation is one of the major health practices of people even during the old times.


You can use devices found at home that can help you do a self-myofascial release or a self- massage – Fascia is a layer of tissue surrounding the muscles. When your muscles are injured or when you sit for extended periods of time, your muscles are stressed and tensed. Your fascia will tighten and form trigger points. Trigger points are small muscle knots. They are like a little pea when you try to feel them. So if you put pressure on these muscles knots, it will help release and remobilize the fascia resulting in relief from muscular stress.

You could also use self-massage tools from FASCIABLASTER. The device will not only relieve muscle stress but will also help you regain your flexibility and smooth appearance of your skin as it helps in cellulite reduction.

self-myofascial release

Walking exercise

This is the simplest way to work out but also very beneficial for your health. Doing simple walking can help make your heart and bones stronger and lower your blood pressure. Walking can also help ease your stress and improve your sleep.

Watch funny movies

The famous quotation “Laughter is the best medicine.” is not a joke. Stress has significant effects on our health and laughter is a good way to release it. Laughter can help increase the endorphins released by your brain improving your mood. It can also increase and decrease heart rate and blood pressure resulting in a good and relaxed feeling. Laughter also soothes tension as it helps in muscle relaxation. As a result, a reduced physical symptoms of stress.

 Listen to Music

Music can make you feel sad, make you hyped, or happy. When you are stressed, take a break and listen to relaxing and soothing music. Tuning in to calm music has positive effects on your body and brain, can help lower blood pressure, and reduce cortisol. Cortisol is a hormone that is linked to stress, that’s why it is sometimes called “stress hormone”. If listening to classical music is not your thing, you can switch to ocean sounds or any nature sounds. Listening to this kind of music can make you think more clearly.

Write down

Keeping a journal is an effective stress management method.

Write down all the feelings and thoughts of your life everyday, whether they are negative or positive. Let out your feelings and emotions through journaling and it can help you manage your stress levels slowly by slowly. It works best when done regularly so you need to make this a daily habit.


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