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Insider Tips Before Downloading Movies

You found the right movie site that offers free movie downloads with a huge collection of movie genres. Aside from that, the site does not impose restrictions allowing you to enjoy watching movies anytime you want. It is the perfect site if there are no advertisements in between because it can affect your viewing experience.

Before streaming or downloading putlockers.pro movies, it is important to be aware that the Internet is not a safe place and without protections or measures, you are left vulnerable and exploitable. This is because many hackers can try to access your computer. In most cases, they will put malicious Trojans by disguising it as movie links or downloads and other helpful programs.

As an Internet user, you must know how to keep your computer safe from these things. Even if you are just streaming or downloading movies, your computer still deserves to be protected. To keep the hackers at bay, you should do the following things:

Update whenever notified

At the bare minimum, there should be three things that you need to update all the time:

  • OS (Operating System): updating your OS is crucial because it can significantly reduce bugs, which can damage your system. If you update your OS, you are helping your computer fix security vulnerabilities. Fortunately, modern OS provides easy methods for installing the updates – you just have to be patient.
  • Installed applications: aside from your OS, you should also look into your installed applications like web browsers. Whenever security fixes are released, you should update applications to protect your computer against hackers.
  • Anti-virus: installing anti-virus is not enough because hackers discover new vulnerabilities every day. If ignored, these vulnerabilities can be exploited. Essentially, the anti-virus can scan files, emails, and downloads before opening. With this, you are preventing your computer from being infected.

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Utilize a firewall

The importance of a firewall cannot be stressed enough. Just because you updated your OS, applications, and anti-virus means you are safe. In truth, you are still vulnerable without a firewall. Hackers will find a way to go inside your system.

If you use a firewall, it can block the attempt of the hackers to get inside your system. It works by closing security holes and make it inaccessible to hackers. You should understand the importance of a firewall so you can make the most of it.

Refrain from using the same password

It is easy to remember a password if you use the same thing in every movie site or email accounts. Unfortunately, this will not help you. This makes you vulnerable. It is recommended that you use different passwords on every account. If you find it hard to keep track of your passwords, you can use a password management tool.

Avoid opening attachments from agencies you do not know

If you received attachments from agencies or other people that you do not know, you should simply delete it. Though you might be curious, remember that it can be used to gain access to your computer and put infections.


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