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Four ways to determine a legally operating online movie streaming site

You have to pay to watch your favorite movie, unless you obtained a pirated copy of it by downloading it in a free online movie streaming site which is very rampant nowadays. For sure, the internet helps movie studios share its work globally to everyone who loves movies, yet it also enables a lot of pirates to spread the copyrighted content all over the place which affects the movie industry’s revenue that might result to fewer movies being developed in the next coming years.

Illegal movie-sharing usually happens in two ways, first the users download and install software that connects them to the so-called torrent files which lets them download the movie online by getting the data from multiple sources that hosts the torrent, while the second one is from a shady site that hosts movie streams.

This kind of movie-sharing have sternly frowned upon a lot of movie maker associations across the world, and, of course, just about a lot of people that are involved in producing movies. Whereas you might want to see these services as a very convenient way to watch your favorite movie or television series, your action does not help in maintaining the movie industry healthy.

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However, there are still a legal way for you to stream movies online without harming the film industry by looking for an online movie streaming site by following this criteria to learn more.

  • Must be a paid subscription to access and watch movies and series- Online streaming sites that provide movie and series with a paid subscription such as Netflix, Hulu, and a lot more are legally following the laws imposed on piracy by featuring movies that already released its DVD and Blu-ray versions in the market a few years back and also they have gained the copyrights to air or stream the movies they have obtained legally. Usually these sites are paid through a monthly, quarterly, or annual subscription and also different membership levels where your access to it is determined on what level you are.
  • Must provide you high-definition movies and series episodes- Considering that they already obtained the copyrights of the movies and the series it features for its customers; you should expect that as a subscriber you expect nothing less from them. One of the most common ways to spot a fake and illegally operating online streaming site is cam-corded movies that have poor quality and these movies are illegally recorded inside movie houses or theaters.
  • Must have its own content of series, documentaries, and films- To provide its customers great-quality content, a lot of paid streaming sites produce their own movies, documentaries, and series just like Netflix to draw more people from subscribing to its site and application while some feature independent films and documentaries to provide exposure to small time filmmakers.
  • Must not contain pornographic films- One of the most common way to find out if an online streaming site operates illegally is that it has an adult category where pornographic films are being featured. Legitimate online streaming sites does not allow this considering that children have also access to it.


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