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Mexication, relax in style

You took a vacation leave since work has been dragging you around lately. You want to go somewhere, anywhere, but don’t exactly have any idea where to start so you take out a map, stick it to

Custom Wall wraps for Your Business

When your customers first walk into your office, what they see is the first impression they get. If you have a well-designed spread, they’re likely to think highly of your services. If the furniture is cluttered and

What’s not to love about the stand up paddle boarding ?

Not so long ago,  the beach enthusiasts and the surf boarders were all over this new water sport – the standing up paddle boarding. It has swiftly gained popularity and adopted as the newest trend in water


If you’re a boss at a company, you know how important it is to reward your employees. The happiness of your team can determine how well your business does. Employees who have higher morale are also more

The Benefits of Using Deal Toys to Commemorate Special Corporate Events

When you think about a significant acquisition, or perhaps if the company you’re connected with wants to commemorate a financial success, then the ideal way to celebrate the occasion is to make sure everyone gets to know

What Are the Benefits of Aptitude softwares?

Aptitude Software provides enterprise class software solutions to CFOs, finance controllers and IT leaders across a range of industries. We specialize in helping our customers to streamline complex processes, drive insights from data and more rapidly deliver

Breaking Tradition to Pursue Finance Excellence

There is nothing wrong with being traditional, but it seems being traditional stunts development. The world we live in poses us with challenges day in and day out. These challenges are mostly highly technological. As our way

Research paper writing made easy

Most people are repulsed by the very idea of writing a research paper. The image of working with stacks of books, articles and journals and digging into the pit of other’s knowledge can be a scary thought

Types of Research Papers

Research Papers are a form of essay that is much broader and well explained. It requires a lot more factual information and is supposed to analyze and discuss an argument. This is a higher form of studying,

Ensure your safety by taking the extra steps

If you ever lose your keys, don’t you get so frustrated about it especially if it’s for something important like your house keys, etc.? Or if your kids are getting old and they start coming home late