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How did Herbert Hernandez become a successful guitarist?

Success means a different role in an individual’s life. In Herbert Hernandez life, success means playing music, sacrificing sleep, working towards passion, calculating risk-taking, hard work, a strict schedule, having faith in God, and achieving goals. Herbert achieved success in his two careers with his wife and three children.

Herbert Hernandez works as a rock star in guitar music to supply energy to viewers and advertising executives. He co-founded GIGIL to promote his exciting current projects and creative opportunities. When others are unable to make it happen, Herbert makes it happen through his dedicated hard work.

Herbert learned music in high school, with help of his big brother Darwin. Though Darwin teaches him, Herbert played guitar more professionally than Darwin. Later Darwin becomes the manager of Herbert’s band contests. Though he is good at playing guitar, he concentrated simultaneously on his studies and visual arts. After his high school education, Herbert went to the University of Santo Tomas to pursue a degree in fine arts. He found his first band, Moonstar88 during his university studies to become a rock band in the Philippines.

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He has become a leading guitarist in 1999 with his band. Later, added songwriter abilities with him. It takes years to be formally recognized his songs by the society of composers. Then he launched another band 6cyclemind and started writing a song and playing music for his both bands to get a title of a rock star. He also received the title of a rock star for his hard work toward his passion.

After his university studies were completed, he worked as an advertiser with a major agency. Later he found GIGL, one of the most successful independent advertising agencies together in the Philippines. He considers himself so lucky to build his passion true and to have such a talented partner. Later they start working with some of the biggest clients for advertising in the country.


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