Doors are systems, and commercial high speed garage doors are typically utilised in industrial settings. They are technological improvements over the more popular sectional, PVC fabric, or roller shutter doors. The key distinction is that the robust design allows for faster operation, can withstand more cycles (both opening and closing cycles), and costs less to maintain and repair. There are two types of functioning doors: horizontal and vertical, depending on the intended field of application.


A development of the conventional roller shutter door are high speed doors (hence the alternative name they are often given of Rapid Roll Doors). They are essentially made to operate faster, seal better, and withstand more opening and closing cycles than conventional roller shutters, without breaking down.

sacrificing durability and dependability. They typically use a high speed industrial motor, a sturdy yet lightweight PVC curtain (often with a vision window for visibility) and a stronger powertrain to accomplish this. Although there are specialised bi-parting horizontally opening varieties available, they typically roll up vertically to the top of the doorway.

FabriCoil high-speed garage doors:

Durable, dependable, resettable FabriCoil Traffic Doors

Raynor FabriCoil traffic doors come with many of the desired characteristics of standard commercial high-speed doors and do so at a reasonable cost.


Features & Options for FabriCoil

Commercial traffic doors made by Raynor FabriCoil come with a wide range of features and choices, some of which are described below.

Outstanding Construction

Angle guides made of structural steel that has been painted offer the best side impact defence. Hot-dipped galvanised steel is roll-formed into an optional hood for a polished appearance.

Higher Rigidity

In windy and low-pressure situations, resilient aluminium wind beams reduce fabric deflection. For conditions with higher negative pressure, more wind beams can be supplied.


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