Types of real estate business and more beneficial types of business

Real estate property is land, buildings, fixtures, and any other property that can be sold by giving the ownership of the land and resources to someone. Brad Zackson says that commercial real estate marketing is the most profitable way.

Types of real estate markets

There are four types of real estate markets based on their unique purpose.

  • Land
  • Residential
  • Commercial
  • Industrial


Land is the foundation of the real estate business. Here the brokers market the undeveloped land, which is simply known as “empty land.  Where the buyer can buy and reuse or resell the land in the future with a better profit. They can also build a house or other building for their own use or to increase the value of the property.

Brad Zackson Residential

Residential properties are the land with houses that can be used by an individual family. Most people who prefer an individual lifestyle prefer this method. This is quite common in real estate businesses with a profit.


Commercial properties are the land with buildings for businesses or large apartments, shopping malls, hotels, and residential. Brad Zackson, who is an expert in this business, started his career at this stage. This type offers huge benefits for both buyers and sellers. He became a milliner by this method. Now he has seven real estate companies of his own.


The land is sold for industrial purposes and is built for factories and storehouses to undergo business activities. Here large properties are sold, but the profit is not as high as with commercial methods. In commercial methods, properties can be sold permanently or leased for a particular year, so the profit is higher than any other method.

Considering the above explanation, you can conclude that which is the most beneficial method in the real estate business.


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