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What is Veeam all about?

An American leadership team leads the privately held information technology company Veeam Software. We were established in 2006 with the goal of making backups for virtual computers simpler. We swiftly rose to the top in the sector. Veeam is pushing industry innovation forward so that you can own, govern, and protect your data wherever it is in the hybrid cloud. Veeam was purchased by Insight Partners in March 2020, which allowed us to enter new markets and maintain our growth trajectory. Veeam is still dedicated to and focused on achieving client success in a world that continues to present many of us with numerous challenges. IT executives have been forced to review their data protection methods as a result of the proliferation of cyberthreats and complexity of hybrid clouds. It used to be enough to consider backup as protection against an unlikely eventuality. The current focus is on recovering from an unavoidable reality. Your needs have changed, and as always, we base all we do on meeting those requirements. Veeam has always placed a premium on safeguarding data across cloud, virtual, physical, SaaS, and Kubernetes environments. Data security, protection, and integrity are ingrained in our DNA. We are aware that you must make a full recovery since, in reality, your company does! veeam continues to give you the assurance that your data is always accessible even as the world around us changes.


Software Tracker: Data Replication & Protection, IDC Semiannual:

IDC acknowledges Veeam as a market leader, but they are even more appreciative of their clients’ and partners’ ongoing confidence in and assistance with the company. Your company’s future depends on Veeam, and they pledge to always put your needs first. In addition to our global positioning, Veeam had the fastest YoY growth rate among the top five firms in each of the three regions and was the market share leader in EMEA, LATAM, and APJ. Congratulation to their teams across EMEA, APJ, and LATAM! It’s no small achievement to have double-digit YoY growth across their regions. Their dedication to providing straightforward data protection solutions that aid clients in achieving their business goals has helped them establish themselves. In 2016, it introduced Veeam Availability Orchestrator, a multi-hypervisor disaster recovery orchestration tool with documentation, testing, and reporting capabilities, as well as Veeam Backup for Microsoft Office 365, a tool for backing up Office 365 Exchange servers.


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