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Why is data protection important? How to restore the data?

Data protection is the process of protecting important data from loss or corruption and storing it on a disk or tape. The data stored is used at an unprecedented rate. This is a challenge for all organizations to transfer their data securely. So veeam helps to move the data securely to any location.

This data protection policy and technology includes

Hyper convergence

To provide backup and recovery on a single device, a hyper-converged system was introduced. This system helps to replace the devices at traditional data centers and provides cloud data to the organization.


Ransomware protection

Ransomware is like malware that infects a system to encrypt its data and demand a fee to release it. Various backup methods are available to protect data from it. But it can infect the system and make the backup data useless. It makes it hard to restore the date from it. As a result, the new data protection is intended to keep data from becoming infected during backup.

Disaster recovery

Disaster recovery is a remote copy of a local system that backs up the data of the local system, and it also allows the organization to create a remote copy of the data. This replicates the data continuously from the local center to increase the recovery speed.

Copy data management

This method reduces the number of copies that are stored by an organization. As the copies are reduced, the disk and tape count are reduced, so that the storage cost is reduced by veeam. The clouded data can be restored and reused without any corruption.

Before performing data protection, analyze the data types, sources, and storage used by the organization. They also prefer to add data to the existing data protection system.


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