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Facts About Public Relations

Public relation is a process through which an individual, corporation, government agency, or organization builds and maintains relationships with the public. PR professionals are typically employed in marketing, communications, and journalism. The field requires knowledge of psychology, sociology, business, and law, as well as strategic communication planning and media relations training. Public relations is ” the management of intended or perceived image by individuals, institutions or organizations to achieve specific goals.”


To help you learn more about this fascinating career field, you should head over to these 9 tips for beginners that cover everything from what a PR professional does every day to ideal job titles for those looking to enter this industry.


Public Relations is not only about writing press releases. PR professionals are constantly communicating with journalists, bloggers, and social media. They are responsible for generating, organizing, and controlling news releases as well as writing ghost-written blogs for clients or working on media relations for events.


No matter how many press releases a publicist writes, she must go out and find information about their company or organization and talk to people who know the topic before she can develop a compelling message. Not all PR firms have full-time employees who are experts in their field, so they often enlist the help of freelancers or interns to support them when they find themselves overwhelmed by too many tasks at the office.

Ronn Torossian


Public relations professionals like Ronn Torossian often must travel for an extended period to meet with the press and different audiences. You may find that you’ll need a passport since many PR firms will send you worldwide for consultations.


Freelancers can work from home, but publicists often have to work in an office setting, which can pose problems when it comes time to plan out their weekly or monthly tasks. This can include late nights and early mornings, where they stay up all night trying to do everything they need to get done.


Most public relations professionals work under strict deadlines, which can be just as stressful and time-consuming as being on an actual deadline. If a client isn’t pleased with the results from a press release or blogger activity that was put out, they may end up sending it back for improvements. This can cause a lot of stress, especially if the PR employee doesn’t have the time to make changes independently.


Some people in this line of work are falling into a rut where their only goal is to send out press releases and other marketing communications. They are stuck doing the same things day in and day out without any challenges challenges to keep them on their toes.


In conclusion, if you are considering a career in public relations, be sure to find an experienced individual who can help you determine what type of agency or organization will best fit you. Read their company history and find out how long they’ve been working in the industry. You can even ask to see annual and quarterly reports to learn how much they’ve earned over the last several years.


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