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Business and Philanthropic Achievements of Richelieu Dennis

Entrepreneurship comes so naturally to a select people that it’s practically part of their DNA. In actuality, entrepreneurship is all Richelieu Dennis has ever known. His grandparents were successful business owners and marketers. Their entrepreneurial spirit becomes handed to Dennis’ mother and himself. Aside from entrepreneurship, he has also get imbued with an enormous concern for others. Richelieu Dennis has utilized his professional success to fuel network activities and to look for opportunities to invest in worthwhile organizations that may benefit from a boost. Here are some highlights from lifetime businessman and philanthropist Richelieu Dennis’s fascinating career and numerous charity efforts.

Richelieu Dennis Philanthropic Efforts:

Board of Social Missions:

After leaving as CEO and President of Sundial, Richelieu Dennis formed this Board. Unilever and Sundial collaborated to introduce community commerce to the global alliance.

Fund for New Voices:

Richelieu Dennis established the $100 million New Voices Fund as part of a strategic partnership between Sundial Brands and Unilever. The fund’s primary purpose was to empower and invest in black female entrepreneurs. Richelieu Dennis also wanted to help women of color entrepreneurs achieve their goals of skill development, leadership development, and networking opportunities.

Richelieu Dennis

Sundial Community Trading:

Richelieu Dennis was passionate about improving people’s lives, which inspired him to establish Sundial Community Trading Investments. Such a significant change benefited millions of individuals throughout the company’s worldwide supply chain. The company’s community commerce initiatives in the United States alone are due to improved infrastructure, access to higher income, educational possibilities, entrepreneurial chances, health care, and safer work conditions. As a result, Sundial Brands has garnered several industry accolades and Fair for Life and B Corp accreditation for its efforts in corporate social responsibility.

Final Thoughts:

Richelieu Dennis is a multidimensional individual who understands how to blend entrepreneurship with philanthropy. His contributions in both areas are remarkable. Many young entrepreneurs look forward to him as an inspiration.


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