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What does Credova have to offer us?

Credova is a fintech company based on the buy now and pay later model. It is a USA-based fintech company. It is basically a unique financing program. It lets you buy the product now and make the payment afterward in very easy four installments. So to simplify it, think that you want to buy some equipment for traveling which costs X amount. With Credova, you can pay the amount in 4 installments, which are completely interest-free for over a period of 30 days, 60 days, or 90 days depending on your qualification. So with Credova, you can use the money in your hand right now in buying various products or investing it and pay later with no interest. So the value of money increases as you are able to get more money in hand, more resources, and you can invest more.

Things they offer

The model of Credova solves a greater money management problem faced by people worldwide. The best part is that Credova does not impact your credit score, and you can even buy products via Credovaif you have a bad credit score. So no matter what your past in crediting was, Credova is accessible for you. Also, Credova has tied up with various stores such as Brownells, Bud’s gun shop, classic firearms, daniel defense, guns.com, grab a gun, and primary arms. And features different kinds of categories such as Hunting, motorsports, optics, pet supply, and tactical.


It provides financing solutions for businesses and individuals too. Individuals use Credova to manage their finances well, get high-quality luxurious products and allocate their resources carefully, whereas businesses can use Credova to boost their sales by making their customers use the available services of Credova. The businesses provide their customers virtual cards or easy interest-free installments to shop the products. Credova can only be used by a qualified user. The approvals are either for pre-qualification which works for 30 days and for a full qualification which lasts for 60 days. So, you can pay later. You can apply for being a qualified user of Credova by signing up through their official website and applying. And then select the retailer and it’s done. Your approval decision results in a matter of seconds. You can even seek assistance from the company via contacting them on email id or calling them. So get set ready to get products and pay afterward.


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