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More About Nikola Valenti Inspired Collection

It’s no secret that Nikola Valenti has been on a colorful, geometric-patterned rampage this season. From her slouchy pastel pencil skirts to the matching bag she’s got on her arm, every outfit is unique and bespoke.


But Valenti isn’t just known for her eclectic clothes; she’s also dedicated herself to philanthropy – don’t believe us? She talked about how in India, she created a company called Naandi Foundation which offers loans to women so they can start their businesses. In addition, she started a company called Chakra Colors which provides colored pencils to artists in the United States.


So how is Valenti inspiring others globally, then? While Valenti was in New York City helping raise funds for her foundation, she created a signature collection inspired by her travels. “I always have been into colors from different places,” she says. “I love details, and I love fabrics.” We do, too (it’s why we love her clothes so much)! So what makes this collection special? Here are some highlights:


Pastels galore: Valenti wanted this collection to be girly and feminine without being old-fashioned. Buying the pastels and going with the girly theme allowed her to do so.


Trendy Gypsy: Valenti is known for experimenting with different fabrics, so why not create a line of exciting and unusual patterns? After all, gypsies are known for wearing amazing and unique clothes! Valenti took this concept to heart. The range from cinched waist pencil skirts to bright floral dresses is all created with a gypsy/artist background.

Nikola Valenti


Geometric Patterns: Valenti is known for designing simple and elegant clothes that cut out any unnecessary fuss yet maintain a high level of detail. So it was logical that she would also take inspiration from geometric patterns. She combined these patterns with the cinched waist of a pencil skirt to create a silhouette inspired by the colors and cultures of India.


Patterned Color Blocking: While the geometric patterns may seem unconventional, Valenti used colors that will create an instant outfit without breaking your wallet!


Unique Accessories: Valenti believes that accessories make or break an outfit. She always gives her models accessorized hair, and wears large rings and giant earrings to match her clothes.


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