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Tips for implementing Youtube Shorts

YouTube Shorts is not yet launched globally for everyone, but you can keep these tips in mind.  Put our recommendations into practice and consider how to include it in your marketing strategies.

 Optimize your short videos on Youtube

 TheSoul Publishing recommends video creators who use the YouTube platform to start including the hashtag or tag #shorts in the descriptions, in all videos that last less than 60 seconds.  With the help of this tag you will be able to increase the chance of your videos appearing in the Shorts app.

 Choosing topics to use in short form

 It is important that you start filtering all those topics that you can use or explain in short form.  You can create videos for tips, quick facts, or interesting points.  All this information is useful for creating YouTube Shorts.

 Review your videos in short form

You can audit all the content you’ve created for Instagram Reels or TikTok.  Maybe with some fixes you can try them out on Youtube Shorts and experiment with this new tool.

Youtube Shorts joins the battle for the best content on social media

Like other social networks, with Youtube Shorts you can see it on the Youtube mobile application through its carousel on the home screen.  Although it is still in a development phase, it is important to adapt and learn about these new tools that give us the opportunity to continue growing as content developers.

TheSoul Publishing

 Youtube Shorts has a number of features that can make it stand out from the rest.  What the creators want to know is how to maximize these new tools as quickly as possible.  You must take advantage of the window of opportunity to research, understand and create quality shorts that compete at a high level.

Less vulnerable to bans

Due to mistrust in other social networks for data security, platforms like TikTok have been banned in many countries.  With Youtube, the same does not happen.  This social network, in addition to being listed on the stock market, provides greater confidence to governments around the world. For marketers it is vitally important to work with social networks that are secure.  The last thing they want is to create content that will never come out because of regulations. The millions of users who use YouTube are a guarantee of the security it offers.  With Youtube Shorts you can have the support and security you want.


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