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Know About The Alpine Group’s Managing Partner Charles Kim

Charles Kim, The Alpine Group’s Managing Partner.

Charles Kim, managing partner and co-founder of the Alpine Group, started his career as an equities trader for First New York Securities after working as a portfolio management analyst for Alliance Capital. Charles Kim, a partner at Alpine Group, holds a Bachelor of Science in administration and finance from Binghamton University and is working to give back to his alma mater.

Charles Kim oversees Alpine Securities and participates in several charity organisations in New York. charles kim alpine business sponsors the King of the Wing contest, which has helped Nana Baby Children’s Home raise tens of thousands of dollars. Additionally, he has financially funded Binghamton University, his alma school.

He also established funds to offer emergency aid to islanders affected by Hurricane Irma. Charles Kim advises BEAT Global, a group that works with kids to link education and the charles kim alpine arts, in addition to his work with Binghamton University. In addition, he and his wife supported the college by contributing money to the Young Sam Kim Korean Student Centre.

Vision And Purpose Of YS Kim Foundation.

charles kim alpine

  • The YS Kim Foundation imagines a society where connection, opportunity, and culture allow individuals and communities to develop and thrive. To do this, we launch new programs and award organisations and students with grants and scholarships.
  • Young-Sam Kim, who enjoyed fishing and had a strong desire to aid those on the outskirts of society to discover the dignity and fresh possibilities to prosper, is remembered through the creation of the YS Kim Foundation.
  • The YS Kim Foundation attracts people and new ideas as we give back, share our resources, and influence our communities and society, as shown by our logo, which has fish turning inward and outward to resemble a blossoming dahlia. We serve as a centre of innovation and interaction that encourages the development of the people, businesses, and communities we assist.
  • Through monetary and programmatic assistance, YS Kim Scholars build their leadership skills and enduring relationships in a cohort and community of peers and mentors, enabling them to realise their professional goals and flourish with passion and purpose beyond graduation.
  • The YS Kim Foundation is a benefit of teamwork and creative thinking. We’ll bring together a group of leaders dedicated to developing their potential community service ideas into social enterprises and initiatives that successfully solve the community’s complicated problems. In 2023, more details will be accessible.


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