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What distinguishes Ilio Mavlyanov’s new house proposal from others?

The entirely free market creative makeover, located between 8th and 9th avenues, features three two-bedroom duplexes and seven one-bedroom flats, as well as a gallery-style foyer and hallways lined with artwork. Other features include a brand new rooftop with resident access and a view of the Empire State Building, free WiFi on the roof, fireplaces, a laundry space, free bike storage for residents, and outside bike parking.

“Because Jasper is all about creative renovation with the buildings we select to engage in, we were thrilled to add our imprint to such a great property in such a distinctive and sought-after NYC area.Jasper’s artistic touch created a magnificent rooftop and a distinct art gallery-like atmosphere throughout the building’s major hallways.” –ilio mavlyanov, Jasper Venture Group’s Founder and CEO.

Jasper Venture Group Information

Jasper Venture Group, LLC., founded in 2013 by Ilio Mavlyanov, is a privately held real estate investment and development corporation based in New York. The business services new real estate developments and purchased redevelopment properties throughout the five boroughs of New York City, Northern New Jersey, Long Island, and many developments in California, including a 15,000 s/f ultra luxury single family mansion at one of Beverly Hills’ highest elevations.

Jasper Venture Group’s Ilio Mavlyanov and his real estate investment team recently announced the availability of flats for rent in a newly refurbished ten-unit apartment building in Chelsea. The new residential property at 315 West 29th Street is located on the outskirts of one of New York City’s trendiest new districts. 315 West 29th Street was quickly rented thanks to Ilio Mavlyanov’s improvements, but he and the Jasper team also had excellent timing in terms of rental market trends in NYC.

While most apartment rents in New York City remained cheaper than typical during Covid owing to individuals leaving the city and increased vacancies, trends began to reverse around the end of 2021. Month after month, more new leases are signed, and rental rates are rebounding as people return to the city and demand continues to rise. The high level of buyer demand has also altered the dynamics of the residential sales market, which had been cooling for over three years. Chelsea’s new owners are anticipated to take over in early May, with the merchant bank driving the sale setting an April 11 deadline for the four selected companies to make final bids. Raine Group is to make the preferred proposal to the government a week later, at which point the rules of the club’s operating licence will be changed to allow for ownership transfer.


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