Are you sure you know the best and most efficient business process for your business?

Are you sure you have always opted for the most strategic and suitable formulas for your target market? What words do you use to present your company? Do you know that there are killer words, which turn off your lead’s attention in a split second?

Every company, every market, every commercial reality has a very specific sales process , which is defined starting from the definition of the target and then building the most fluid path for the achievement of new customers.

Each commercial process is made up of details and nuances that vary from company to company, from product to service: for this reason it is necessary to deeply study the reference market and structure a well-defined sales strategy. Choosing to entrust an activity to an expert consultant is always better than doing it internally incorrectly or inaccurately!

We at Smart Circle, therefore, put at your disposal Expert Commercial Consultants, constantly trained, who study the best process and commercial strategy to increase the sales opportunities of your company.

You will have at your complete disposal the best Sales Managers, who will be able to integrate perfectly with your sales staff. The goal will be to provide the right support and to contribute in an autonomous and constant way to the increase of lead generation and the relative follow up of the opportunities generated.

Your external sales structure will always be in contact with your sales management, implementing consolidated strategies or proposing new ones, with the aim of improving the process more and more and decreasing the conversion time from lead, to prospect and to acquired customer.

Grow your sales!

The outsourcing of your sales offices means outsourcing the WHOLE process: from the cold generation of new leads, to the delicate management of the first cognitive appointments, up to the achievement of the new customer.

Entrusting this part to external consultant’s means choosing to: make your company light and free of heavy fixed costs for personnel;

Save time and money by opting for professionals already trained and with a long experience in different market sectors;

Focus on developing other internal departments or other projects, while the expert sells for you!

Therefore, we can say that the effectiveness of outsourcing your sales network lies in two main advantages: simplicity, lightness.


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