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Chad Richison is technically the highest-paid CEO in America because of his company’s performance.

Corporate filings show Chad Richison, the pioneer behind Oklahoma City-based Paycom, got more than $211 million in remuneration last year as president and CEO of the organization. Last week, the New York Times revealed that chad richison profit in 2020 was the most among all CEOs, around fourfold the amount of most other people who broke the Top 10. In any case, there’s a trick. The organization’s pay report to the Securities and Exchange Commission shows Richison’s yearly compensation became almost ten times beginning around 2019, yet on paper.

The majority of the pay recorded is essential for a long haul, limited stock honor that won’t payout for a long time if by any means. Paycom’s board gave chad richison 1.61 million portions of organization stock that he can get to assuming costs arrive at explicit targets. A part of the offers is accessible on the off chance that Paycom stock hits $1,000 in six years or less. The rest possibly become vested if the store scopes $1,750 soon. Paycom’s stock cost on Monday floated above $400.

There are limitations on how soon Richison can sell the stock if those objectives are reached, yet assuming the offers becomes vested, it would be a monstrous payday. At the last objective cost of $1,750 a request, this completely vested remuneration bundle could be worth more than $2.8 billion if Richison held every one of his portions. On the off chance that the stock doesn’t arrive at those objectives, Richison doesn’t get anything.

He will not get another remuneration bundle like this for quite a while, said Jason Clark, the seat of the pay board of trustees. Richison is now a tycoon who possesses more than 8.5 million offers, or around 14.2% of the product organization he took public in 2014 with the first sale of stock of $15 an offer. The organization says it’s a 10-year execution contract reflecting investor inclination for a more drawn-out term, execution situated grant.


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