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What a good property management company pays attention to

There are many ways which are to be taken into considerations to consider a company that it is good and these are few:

Commercial fields of activity: A property management company must keep the foreign funds entrusted to it separate from its own assets. In addition, open external accounts must be created for the management and open trust accounts for the rental or individual property management. Bookings and accounting documents at 33 Realty are to be managed with the care of a prudent businessman, and owners are also allowed to inspect the accounting documents at any time.

Furthermore, the property management takes care of the collection of outstanding house fees, special levies and back payments on the annual housing bill at the administration, rents and back payments on the annual operating cost bill as well as other outstanding funds e.g. damage reimbursements from insurers.

Property management company

A good property management services company also checks to what extent there are savings  opportunities, especially with ongoing contracts , for example because the management, as a major customer, can provide more favorable conditions. In addition, questions from owners in connection with the management of residential property or rental or individual property are answered competently and promptly.

With the WEG administration, the maintenance reserve is to be invested in a separate account with interest. Furthermore, the special tasks in condominium law must be reliably performed such as arranging and holding the owners’ meeting, drawing up minutes, collecting resolutions, etc.

Technical fields of activity:

A good property management company checks the condition of the property and the existing facilities through regular inspections. The controls are carried out using standardized checklists, with the results of the inspections being recorded in protocols  .


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