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Face-to-Face Marketing is Making a Comeback

Isn’t it interesting how everything in life seems to come full circle at some point? Years ago, the most prevalent approach to attracting prospective members was personal face-to-face marketing. On the other hand, health club owners have relied primarily on direct response marketing, fax blasts, emails, telemarketing, and Internet marketing to acquire new members for the previous 5-10 years. However, due to the economic slump, many club owners such as Smart Circle are again hitting the streets searching for new members. Here are some of the features of face-to-face marketing components:

  1. In-person marketing at a low cost

While hiding behind a computer, phone, or fax machine is a terrific way to maximize your time, it doesn’t get the same kind of response as in-person marketing. Budgets for marketing have been cut or abolished, and we now have to (gasp!) talk to people again. Nothing beats a friendly handshake, a good chat, and getting to know potential customers on a personal level.

What techniques have you utilized to generate corporate subscriptions in the last few years? All of this is likely to have piqued your attention in some way. Consider how amazing it is for you, the business owner or manager, to go out and network with other local company owners.

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  1. Time-efficient face to face marketing

Your club can benefit from this incredibly successful method in an age when everyone else avoids face-to-face encounters. Yes, it will take a bit more time out of your day, but you will be rewarded for your efforts with a greater response rate from your prospects. You can fax 100 local businesses, but only two will answer. Alternatively, you can walk into five local firms and find that the same number are interested in marketing your club to their employees or collaborating on a joint venture.

  1. Organizing seminars

Another effective face-to-face marketing method is to hold community seminars on themes like fitness, nutrition, stress alleviation, back pain, and weight loss. You can participate in health fairs or develop a partnership with other health care providers to provide this information to their respective audiences.


 People are usually tired of taking orders or ringing things up all day, so they’ll appreciate it if you give them something. Meanwhile, local business owners seek to deliver more value to their customers and staff. People in your neighborhood require a dependable source of information about health and fitness. You have a unique offering as a fitness club owner. Everyone knows they should be eating healthier, but sometimes all it takes is a little personality and a face-to-face chat to get them to do so. Find more at smart circle international official site.


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