What Are The Benefits Of Installing The Flux Phenom Magnetic Screen Door?

The Flux Phenom Magnetic Screen Door has been designed with the busy homeowner in mind. It is simple to install, easy to use, and offers great value for money. The Flux Phenom comes complete with everything you need to get started, including detailed instructions. Many homeowners are unaware of the benefits of installing a magnetic screen door. The Flux Phenom Magnetic Screen Door helps prevent insects and other small animals from entering your home by using powerful magnets. Let’s look into the other benefits installing this screen door has for your household. 

Flux Phenom Magnetic Screen Door

It’s Self Sealing For Your Convenience

When you open a regular screen door, it remains open until you close it. But with the Flux Phenom Magnetic Screen Door, it automatically magnetizes close behind you! This keeps the rain and snow out but seals it against insects and other small animals. If you have children or pets, this feature is a real benefit. It also makes it very convenient for you. You don’t have to keep closing and reopening the screen door to let everyone in and out of your home.

The screen itself is made of polyester mesh powder-coated black for long-lasting wear and easy cleaning. The mesh size is 1/4 inch, allowing plenty of airflow while keeping out most insects and other small animals. It can also be used with a wider screen opening by using either the included stop block or by simply cutting off about one-quarter inch from the top of the existing screen. The Flux Phenom comes complete with all the hardware you need to install it yourself. Just follow the detailed instructions, and you’ll have your new screen door installed and ready to use in no time.  

It’s Easy To Clean!

Because the material the screen is made of is a non-stick polymer, it just wipes clean. You won’t have to scrub, power wash or otherwise take special steps to keep this screen door clean. It will stay looking great for years! Also, the Flux Phenom uses no electricity at all. This simply attaches to your doorframe and acts just as well as automatically closing the screen door. The difference is that it takes less installation, less energy, and less time to manage. That’s because it automatically seals behind you whenever you open it, keeping all the bugs out. Check out the reviews people have left, and you are sure to get hooked on this product!


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