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Proper diagnosis of lice helps in their eradication from head


What exactly are lice? It is a parasite with six legs that lives on heads. Although you need not be concerned if you have them, they will not do any long-term damage to you; rather, they will cause you to have a persistent want to scorch your scalp. They are really, extremely little. In nature, they are virtually tiny in size. Having served many satisfied customers, lice doctors is the most experienced and cost-effective lice removal service in the Indianapolis region. They take great pride in having an unrivalled track record. Because lice may transmit illness, it is essential to have an accurate diagnostic if lice are suspected to understand the dangers.

Sources of lice on the head

However, several very evident characteristics between the two should make it clear before you even consult a doctor whether you are most likely dealing with body lice or head lice. Head lice are infectious because they may spread from person to person via direct head to head contact. A variety of methods are available for transmitting head lice:

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  • Individuals may pass through by going head to head or body to body with one another.
  • Sharing infected personal goods with family members or strangers is not recommended.
  • Contamination of the environment by contact with infected furniture, mattresses, clothing, and towels

A live nit must be close to the scalp to survive. Nits detected more than a quarter-inch (6 millimetres) from the scalp are most likely dead or empty and should be avoided. Suspect nits may be inspected under a microscope to check whether they are alive, indicating that a lice infestation is likely in progress.


If you suspect lice on your child’s head or body, it is imperative that you cure them. If you are living with the person who has lice, you should get your hair tested for lice. Anyone who sleeps in the same bed as someone who has lice should be treated simultaneously as that person.


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