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Why is it Important to Dispose of Sanitary Napkins Properly?

Disposing of sanitary napkins has always been a challenge. Public restrooms are not only inadequately equipped but are also considered unacceptable. That’s why most women avoid discussing proper disposal processes.

It is critical to remember that improper residuos sanitarios disposal can be harmful to the environment. It has the ability to infect the environment and cause infection.

residuos sanitarios

Important to dispose of sanitary

  • After use, it is essential to properly dispose of sanitary napkins. A dirty sanitary napkin can pollute the environment on an individual level. Flies or insects can sit on it and spread the disease. Open blood also provides a breeding ground for germs, increasing the risk of infection. Fungus and bacteria are attracted to wet napkins.
  • Always dispose of used napkins in a closed trash can. If you have curious children or pets in your home, you must take extra precautions to keep them from entering the compartment and removing the pad. Furthermore, while a used sanitary pad is the result of a natural process, many people are bothered by the proximity of bodily fluid discharge.
  • Cotton, as well as plastics and other chemicals, are present in sanitary napkins. Because the plastic is not biodegradable, these pads are not environmentally friendly. These sanitary napkins, which contain 80% plastic, will be there for 500-800 years. It takes a long time to decompose, whereas residuos sanitarios have never decreased.
  • Medical waste, such as sanitary napkins, should be exposed to high temperatures in order to be destroyed. This does not kill disease-causing bacteria in the napkin and has a negative impact on the environment. People, in general, do not take it seriously and do not do so.

Better methods for disposing of menstrual waste

Incineration is one of the most convenient and environmentally friendly methods of disposing of sanitary napkins. When incinerators are used in accordance with environmentally friendly guidelines, they emit less pollution.

They must be operated at a specific temperature of around 800 °C in order to emit fewer harmful gases. Its use kills pathogenic bacteria and creates a safe environment. It is a small box structure with a large amount of workspace.


The menstrual cycle is an important aspect of life, but so is the proper disposal of sanitary products. Proper disposal can keep the environment from being harmed. Infections and diseases can be avoided by properly disposing of them.


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