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Ways to overcome post trauma stress

Acute stress or what can be called in the medical world is PTSD (Post-traumatic Stress Disorder) is a post-traumatic stress disorder that cannot be taken lightly.  This mental condition arises due to tragic events that have been experienced or witnessed, such as traffic accidents, natural disasters, crimes such as rape or robbery, or stressful experiences on the battlefield experienced by soldiers and these can be treated at counselling center in burlington.

This condition causes an anxiety disorder that makes the sufferer unable to forget or otherwise unwilling to remember the traumatic experience.  People with PTSD often think negatively about themselves and the world around them.  This condition is characterized by nightmares, feeling isolated, upset, having feelings of guilt, difficulty concentrating, and difficulty sleeping or insomnia.

After the results of the diagnosis confirm that a person has acute stress or PTSD, the doctor makes an assessment of the severity of this disorder.  This is because the treatment will be different for each person according to the severity.

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The way to deal with this condition requires a combination of two ways, namely psychological therapy and drug administration.  This combination is expected to be able to overcome symptoms by learning how to cope with the situation, improving the mindset about oneself and others, overcoming problems related to past experiences, and how to deal with symptoms that are suffered or symptoms that can reappear.


 Psychological therapies that can be given include:

Cognitive behavioral therapy or cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT).  This therapy is done as many as 8 to 12 sessions.  The goal is to overcome the problems encountered by changing the way of thinking and acting.

Exposure therapy :  This therapy aims to help patients deal effectively with the situation after experiencing a traumatic event.

Group therapy : This therapy aims to overcome PTSD symptoms in patients by discussing traumatic experiences with other people in a group who have had similar experiences or problems.

 While the types of drugs to deal with severe stress or PTSD prescribed by doctors include: Antidepressants.  This drug is used to treat insomnia and improve concentration.  Antidepressants can increase serotonin so that the patient’s quality of life can improve and PTSD does not fall into depression.

Anti anxiety : this drug is given to reduce anxiety in people with PTSD.  Antianxiety drugs are given in a short period of time considering they are prone to abuse.   That’s how to deal with acute stress or PTSD that can be taken.  Treatment as soon as possible is needed to prevent the condition from getting worse and making treatment more difficult.


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