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What are the job and duties of Police in general?

Police are one of the strongest pillars of the country. It has the responsibility to maintain the laws and order in the nation. They are the strongest visible representatives of the government side. At the time of any emergency, crisis, trouble, and difficulty police help the citizens at any cost. They help them to protect themselves from any anti-social activities. Police have control over all the society’s operations. Their duty is not only to catch the criminal rather look after each and every movement of the city and find out if something goes wrong or not. When a person finds nothing to get out of trouble, he can call the police to help him. One can get help by calling on helpline number, the nearest police station send the policemen to handle the situation. The National Police Association responsibilities of a whole city are divided into many police stations. They have their definite area to control all the social activities. For the police organization, a large number of jobs come under their duties.

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  1. Investigating the crime and criminal: It is the duty of the police to investigate the crime scenes and find out the criminals. This has a proper process from crime registration to a criminal conviction. Whenever any crime happens in a city they register it in the complaint book and start investigating. After catching the criminal they present him before the court and submit all the evidence to punish him.
  2. Prevent the city from crime and establish a peaceful atmosphere: The police are vigilant on duty all around the clock to prevent crime in cities. They provide a secure and peaceful atmosphere to the citizens.
  3. Crime detection: They have to detect the crime and find the reason behind it.
  4. Maintain the police records: They must keep maintaining the police records of all their units.
  5. Collect intelligence: They have to collect intelligence about several activities like a political, student, criminal, and so on.
  6. Election duties: They have to conduct the election firmly and provide security to every voter.

Conclusion: Police organizations have unlimited duties towards the country. They are the strong pillar of each country. To maintain the laws and order in the Nation, police play the important role in it. They have miscellaneous duties and functions towards the citizens and society. Police have several powers to control society.


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