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The working pattern of the BNPL

The main concept of the BNPL service is that one can enable to pay overtime and the choice to purchase what they want to buy the credit period of the BNPL  service will range from thirty days to maybe thirty-six months which depends on the transaction size and it is similarly the credit amount also which depends on the lender for the instance and one check for the best offers during the checkout times and Cordova Finance will offer in the same pattern on the BNPL  for which one can take home the item and enjoy the payments overtime.

Is it different from credit cards?

The main feature in the process is to buy now and pay later and it is in the one clicks facility service which is available on the checkout one many online and offline sources of the vendors.

Credova Finance

More accessible:

The credit cards go for the high credit score and most of the salaried people will fit this section as no other people may not. So, the person who does not fit into this section can go for this easy way of the payment and make it easier for the payment and acquire the item which is needed.

High interest:

Credit cards are the most expensive ways of credit the interest rates will be very higher if anyone missed one transaction, then they may lose a lot of money out of the payment and this will go on to increase as per the tenure of the interest of the spending.


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