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Hoop Earrings – An Excellent Option for Girls

Today a new style of hoops has appeared on the market: hoops with a back. These earrings differ from classic hoop earrings in many ways. First, they have an open ending. Due to their construction, these hoops do not require a clasp to secure.

The second difference is that they are always thin. They should generally be roughly the same thickness as a standard earring rack. The reverse hoop should be thin due to the way it is worn. This also means that the earrings are very light, almost feather-like.

So how do you wear inverted hoop earrings for sale? It may sound a bit silly, but they run backwards. This is because, unlike a classic hoop, these earrings are inserted into the back of the piercing. They are then gently pushed forward until you feel the clasp at the back of the hoop touch the back of your earlobe.

So what should you look for when buying a pair of back hoops?

First, you will want to see how thick the earrings are. The ideal thickness for the rear rings would be less than 1.0mm in diameter. If the back ring is larger than 1.0mm in diameter, it may be too thick for the drill hole.

If the thickness of the earrings is not specified where you want to place the hoops, the wire gauge used can be used. You will need to find a 19 gauges or smaller wire. (If you are unfamiliar with wire size, you should be aware that increasing the diameter of the wire decreases the diameter of the wire. This means that an 18 gauge wire will be larger than a 19 gauge wire.)

Another factor to consider is the metal the inverted rings are made of. Make sure it is a metal that you are not allergic to. I would also advise avoiding metallic liners as these will be on your piercing. You don’t want the coated metal pieces to come off inside the shackle hole.

If you are looking for a pair of hoops that are a little different or very lightweight, or if you just don’t like to play with the clasp, be sure to check out the inverted hoops. Maybe this is the perfect pair of earrings for you.


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