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Evaluate Cannabis Product Quality With These Tips

Buying cannabis products online can be scary, especially if this is your first time. Aside from the research that you can do about the dispensary and the products, the only way that you can honestly evaluate the quality of the products you bought is when you already have them on hand. So before you start using the cannabis you received from Weed delivery, here are some tips to help evaluate its quality.

Inspect the Color

Upon receiving the product, the first thing to check is its appearance. For quality cannabis buds, they should be green. If they are brown, then you got scammed. Right cannabis shade ranges from lighter, frosty greens to darker, forest greens. It is usual for the buds to have a purple, rosy, or golden undertone. But if what you received has rusty red, tan, brown, or yellow colors, then it was harvested from an unhealthy cannabis plant.

Smell the Product

If you bought well-grown and high-quality cannabis products, they should have a pungent and identifiable smell. It should have a skunky aroma that can be sweet or earthy. Some say those that have a diesel-like smell to it mean it has a high terpene content. That being said, low-quality cannabis products will lack any of the scent qualities mentioned above. Most of them would smell like hay or alfalfa.

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Check the Bud Structure

You must be familiar with the bud structure of cannabis. Indica buds are usually tight and dense. Sativa buds, on the other hand, are lighter and fluffier. If the plants were not grown properly, the Indica buds might look like Sativa with open and incomplete buds. Visible stems are also not of good quality. And for hybrid strains, should have a mixture of the structural traits of Indicas and Sativas.

Trimming Indications

Once the cannabis is harvested, the buds should be trimmed to remove the leaves that surround them. With quality cannabis buds, they should be tightly hand-trimmed, not machine-trimmed. The use of cutting machines can mangle the buds. Low-quality cannabis buds are usually machine-trimmed or with untrimmed buds that still have leaves left on them.

Presence of Trichomes

The trichomes are the visible crystals that you can see on the surface of the buds. If the cannabis plants are properly grown, the buds should be packed with ripe trichomes. Always remember that cannabinoids and terpenes are stored in the trichomes. So buds with a ‘frosty’ look and they sparkle like crystals are from high-quality cannabis plants.

The first thing that you can do upon receiving your cannabis products is to check for the obvious. Identifying factors mentioned above can help you determine whether the product you purchased is of high-quality or not. If you can give them all with a checkmark, then they are good to use.


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