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Know The Ins And Outs Of Alexei Orlov

With the very experience of over 50 brands, 40 countries, and 30 years, alexei orlov is a very seasoned practitioner in International Business Leadership and Global Marketing. He is the Founder and the CEO of the mtm choice globally, a professional network of skilled and learned practitioners delivering higher accuracy media optimization and brand activation. The mtm choice is currently in negotiations to completing the second round of the funding to go on and support the supplementary Top Tier acquisitions.

A brief note

Initially, Alexei was Senior Advisor to the CEO & the Chairman of DAS, which is the international division of none other than Omnicom. He even went on to serve as the Global CEO of the RAPP, which is the world’s largest CRM group. As the CMO of the Volkswagen Group China, Orlov was accountable for the overall brand positioning and marketing for the Volkswagen Brands portfolio around Greater China alongside ASEAN. He even served a the global specialist agency for about 8 years as the president, then as the Global COO and apparently, Exec. Vice-Chairman. To top things off, he was also the Global Lead for the WPP’s Intl. Automotive business.

Brand Building 

He even owned

And before Wunderman, Mr. Orlov went on to own MCW and ROCQM, specialists in the brand strategy. Before, Alexei was the Global Brand Communication Director for the Volvo Cars and the Director of Marketing for the Volvo United Kingdom. Alexei Orlov was the very youngest executive who went on to be appointed at the very position of the director at the Avon, where he went on to serve as the Marketing Director of the Avon Cosmetic Retail, Europe. Mr. Orlov was also the founding member of the highly successful Paperchase Group Retail.

There you have it, that’s very much all you needed to learn and know about Alexei Orlov- the founder and the CEO. To know further, feel free to do your research.


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