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Know what Alexei Orlov doing before MTM

Before connexion WPP or Wunderman, Alexei closely held and ran ROCQM and MCW. Specialists incomplete strategy and business recovery. He later oversubscribed the business to WPP. The corporate after became one of the key cornerstones of what later became RMG Connect, a world strategy service among the WPP portfolio.

Before running ROCQM / MCW, Orlov was an international complete Communications Director for Volvo Cars and selling Director of Volvo kingdom. Then the second-largest national sales company for the Volvo Corporation.

What was Alexei Orlov’s passion?

Essential Functions of a Business Leader

Alexei Orlov’s passion for the complete situation and operational leadership, high-powered by dynamic and happy groups, was visible at the beginning of his vocation as an origination member of the extremely in Paperchase Retail cluster, that was after oversubscribed to WHSmith plc.

 In the year 2012, and 2013, Alexei Orlov was awarded CMO of the Year or association by the globe complete Congress. In 2013, Alexei and his team at Proximity were awarded the Cannes Gold Lion Award for the creation of the biggest automotive social media platform and the People’s automotive Project with twenty-eight million users and 108 million YouKu followers. Additionally, that year, Alexei was invited to be one of the highest keynote speakers at the distinguished international complete Forum.

He could be a sure adviser to various sets of corporations spanning the globe, coaching and steering valuable leadership groups to figure through their complete, communication, and operational challenges. He’s additionally a prolific author and printed thought leader. He also maintains an everyday column on psychological science these days and frequently contributes to Thrive international.


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