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Everything To Know About The CEO Of MTM, Alexei Orlov

Alexei Orlov is the founder of MTM (mark to market) choice and a skilled practitioner specializing in brand activation. He is one of the experienced businessmen who roamed around 30 countries and known 39 types of brands on the seasonal growth. He made his life in global marketing and changed operational management. When Alexei Orlov was asked about his passion, he said he believed that rules are made to be broken, and ideas are feed to be growth.

How Alexei Orlov help brands to seek excel

Alexei Orlov is a dynamic leader who changed throughout his career, and he was also a high précised media optimist. He was bolstered by technologies and also excelled helping the brand building. The agencies of MTM make sure that customers and consumers seek the complete support of the technology that funded them to be added to top-tier acquisition.

Alexei Orlov served as a senior advisor who served as global CEO of a dramatic turnaround. He oversaw the new business, which attracted him to process the leadership talent and grow as a successful rebranding initiative.

Alexei Orlov

Alexei Orlov’s marketing strategy 

Alexei Orlov took responsibility for the overall marketing and brand positioning that has better commercial excellence of the company and which is significant about the core business method as an executive team. He served the digital specialist agency for more than eight years and finally became executive vice chairman of the global strategic lead for automotive. He co-led the agencies and worked for ford, jaguar, and Volvo.

He directed global brand communication and helped market the cars company. His career was successful because he was passionate about the system of brands and marketing. Alexei Orlov won numerous awards for his excellence and projected largest automotive social media platform.


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