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What Is the Common Purpose Of Using Pulleys?

People use different types of machinery to lift objects at a particular height or distance. Pulley is one of the common objects used by many people to perform various tasks like providing support movement, redirecting tension, and more. It is a simple and powerful device used for managing the direction of an object or wheel through its belt, taut cable, or another object. The primary function of this tool is to lift the heavy-weight object simply by changing the direction of force and movement. It is simply a wheel that carries different objects like rope, chain, belts, cable, cord, and so on along with it for its primary function. The poleas dentadas is one type of pulley that is mainly known as the mechanical traction device and has the function of sending force transmissions to components such as belts or chains.

poleas dentadas

Purpose And Features of Toothed Pulley

  • This toothed type of pulley is like or the same as that of gears people use in their daily life. But, the only major difference between these components is the teeth get varied in different shapes. It is commonly found under another name of synchronous.
  • The toothed pulley type is mainly used in the fields of automation sector and robotics. It provides a constant gear ratio and eliminates the risk of slipping off the pulley. This kind of pulley mainly allows the synchronous movement between two different objects or axes by not allowing slipping between the components like a pulley and belt.
  • This can be used when two shafts are present at a longer distance or far away from each other which can be technically workable for carrying out the process of gear transmission. They are available in different models of teeth and helps in providing the proper final result or design that is expected.
  • It provides comfortable removable and is easy to operate without any risk or fear. The installation process of this device is so simple and manual. The poleas dentadas are available in different types like step inch, for round tooth belts, metric pitch, inch pitch along with the fixing taper lock, and AT belts with metric pitch.
  • They are highly made using the materials of aluminum and steel and are available in different types of transmission like round and square teeth.


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