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The two best web hosting providers Bluehost and Dreamhost are really famous. And people are searching for both of them so that they can choose one for their websites. The Bluehost vs Dreamhost competition is going on and full details you can get on the webpage scientist site.

Bluehost site

Here you will get applications that are supported by Agoracart, CubeCart, Seotoatser e-commerce, Agora, ZenCart, and many more which you can find. The WooCommerce also covers the pre-installation, Google Analytics integration, Automatic updates, and also verification on Google My Business too. The free installation of storefront theme you will get for this. They also give around free $200 marketing credits and some best SEO and Marketing tools. They have a dedicated IP for the Pro plan and other servers too.

E-commerce website

But the problem with Bluehost is that there is no PCI compliance and private SSL certificates need a dedicated IP address. They also give $200 advertising credits which are given after you spent $25 on new Google Ads.

Dreamhost site

The site has PCI compliant hosting place and one-click installation which is best for e-commerce applications such as WooCommerce, ZenCart, and Prestashop. The E-commerce website builder is Café commerce available here. One of the best Woocommerce managed support system. As per the security a pre-installed SSL certificate and marketing or SEO they have jetpack licenses. You will get full call support callbacks on DreamPress Pro and plan. This has the priority support at Dreamhost of you chooses them.

And here you will get no dedicated IP and no payment integration also. Here you will get more benefits and fewer limitations.

And as per this, you can choose Dreamhost which is best as compared to the Bluehost site.