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Understanding What Conversational AI Is All About

It cannot be denied that the world is currently becoming more modernized and digital. In fact, one of the greatest innovations in conversational AI. This is currently being used to make communication between humans and computers more convenient and efficient. So if you are here wanting to learn more about it, then you have come to the right place.

Conversational AI: What Is It About?

Conversational AI is a technology that works together to make automated messaging, as well as speech-enabled applications, are more human-like interactions between humans and computers. These conversational AIs can help communicate as humans do. It recognizes speech and text, and also understands the intent of the caller. It can also decipher different languages and respond in a way like how humans do.

How Conversational AI Works

Conversational AI uses technologies like Automatic Speech Recognition (ASR), Advanced Dialog Management, Natural Language Processing (NLP), as well as the Machine Learning (ML) not only to understand but also to react and learn from each of these interactions with different people.

Automatic Speech Recognition

Types of Conversational AI

There are different conversational AI solutions that you can pick from. Companies these days choose from these options. If you are not sure what you need for your business, then here are some of the best picks for you:

  • This is the original automated customer support that many companies have used. However, this option is slowly disappearing even though people can still find these in different places like websites, social media platforms., as well as other channels on the internet.
  • Voice Assistants. They are similar to chatbots. However, with voice assistants, the caller needs to speak out loud in order to communicate with this technology. A lot of companies have already benefited from voice assistants, but it seems like they are not enough.
  • Mobile Assistants. These are the assistance that you can get on your mobile device, like Siri and Google Now. Mobile assistants work like text-to-speech functions and are extremely helpful when your hands are not available, like when you are driving.

Now that you know the benefits that your business can enjoy with conversational AI, it is time to consider it soon. Clinc offers the best conversational AI solutions these days. So if you are looking for this solution to effectively provide efficient assistance to your customers without human interaction, then this is the right solution for you. So get in touch with Clinc today and find the right recommendation for you.


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