Cosmetics for cellulite, general liability, and trouble-free – when it comes to application – are very often used to fight orange peel. It is enough that such preparations will have the right composition, and the chances that the elimination of cellulite will be successful are enormous.

 Therefore, effective creams for cellulite not only contribute to the acceleration of fat burning processes but also strengthen and seal blood vessels and improve circulation. Anti-cellulite specifics should, therefore, include, among others. It is worth knowing that for anti-cellulite cosmetics  FasciaBlaster to work and fulfill their role, it is important to use the products frequently. Several times a day, this is actually the norm every day. Only then will we be sure that the preparation can actually contribute to the reduction of the orange peel.


Effective cosmetics, which are often used, are not everything. It is extremely important in which the preparation is applied. And here, it is worth using the beneficial properties of massage.

Massaging the skin before application, for 10-15 minutes, stimulates circulation, which increases the effectiveness of anti-cellulite treatment. Only then, when the skin is actually warmed up and ready to receive beneficial substances, FasciaBlaster  you can start applying the preparations.

 Massage is useful not only before applying the preparations but also during. Gentle massaging of the cosmetic increases the absorption of beneficial substances, so the treatment brings even better results.


As I mentioned above, anti-cellulite cosmetics are effective; it is necessary to use a proper diet for cellulite. Is that why that? I know from my own experience that it is of great importance to the success of anti-cellulite treatment. Many ladies forget that the way we eat affects the condition of the skin. If our daily menu promotes constipation and affects the retention of water in the body, it is not surprising that the orange peel attacked us.


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