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The Fascia Eraser: Fascia No More

To have a flawless skin is what women wanted. They wish to have it no matter what. Most of the common skin problems are scars, stretch marks, and fascia. What is fascia? Fascia is found in the connection tissue, a thin casing that holds and surrounds every organ, bone, blood vessel, muscle, and nerve fiber. Fascia has nerves making it more sensitive as skin. Once it is stressed, it gets tightened. Although fascia is a sheet of tissue-like, it comes with multiple layers with liquid. Fascia designed to stretch every time you move. But, certain things cause the fascia to thicken, then it becomes sticky. Once it dries up, the tightens around the muscle. Therefore, it can limit mobility, which painful knots may develop.

The Fascia eraser 

Once painful knots appear, stiffness and muscle pain occurs. However, not all fascia are bad, there is also a healthy fascia. A healthy fascia is slippery, flexible, and smooth. Now, to achieve flawless skin, make use of the fasciablaster device. It lessens the appearance of knots and stretched marks appeared on the skin. So, you must prevent fascia appearance by avoiding what it can trigger, Adhesion occurs that causes fascia to become crinkle up and gummy. The factors that caused adhesion triggered are the following:

tightening fascia

  • Avoid limited physical activity lifestyle
  • Repetitive movements on one part of the body
  • Trauma caused by injury or surgery

Is fascia painful?

It is difficult to determine if the pain is caused by fascia, muscles, or joints. Generally, joint problems and muscle injuries worsen the more you move. Fascia adhesion responds well and feels better to heat therapy. If it happened, it helps bring back the elasticity of the tissue. Adhesions worsen caused the fascia to contort and compress the muscles it surrounds. It may results in tender knots in the muscles, which is called trigger points.  Myofascia pain syndrome triggered; it is a condition that triggers points that caused pain. It occurs due to the following reasons:

  • Pressure is applied
  • During movement
  • Referred pain

Now, certain treatments can help lessen the pain. The treatment focuses on tightening fascia, muscle fibers, and relieves pain to relax. You may have medical options, which include physical therapy, pain relievers, and injections of medication. But, there is a safer and easy treatment using the fasciablaster. It is a device used by women today making this fascia pain eliminated without worrying about the pain.


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